Neuer Wein in neue Schläuche 01

Ich las gerade einen großartigen Artikel über „Less is More“ – weniger ist mehr – bezogen auf das Leben einer Gemeinde. Wirklich lesenswert!

Deliberate simplicity is counter-intuitive. It contends that “Less is more.” It is not immediately obvious how this can be true. More, after all, is more. How can less be more? But in your ministry and your church, the adage is true …

Less Ministry … More Execution

By focusing your energies, you are typically able to bring about better execution. Many churches dabble in so many ministries they are unable to carry any of them out with a level of impact. Resources and attention is diluted. There are so many pans in the fire that none of them are hot.

Less Administration … More Relationships

Less is often more for the sake of relationships. By limiting your activities, you free up time for people. By offloading administrative and management activities, you’re able to engage in more relationship-building activities. Wider margins create more “white space” for company.


2 Antworten zu “Neuer Wein in neue Schläuche 01

  1. hi jaasch,
    nur um mal einen Kommentar nicht zu TXL zu schreiben.
    Less Ministry … More Execution
    weniger Dienst … mehr Hinrichtungen? 😉
    oder hab ich den Context falsch verstanden?

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