What motivates & inspires you?

Currently I had a talk on leadership at the mosaikchurch. I was really pumped about the subject and obviously it was challenging, inspiring and motivating to the audience. Afterwards one of my friends came to me asking this question: What is the source of your own inspiration? Who motivates you?

That’s a serious question, don’t you think so? Everybody needs to know the fountain that waters and energizes your life and makes you flourish. And the good news is, these kind of wells are everywhere… – but you have to stop and don’t go by.

„The most destructive seduction in our western society is called HURRY!“- Dallas Willard

And I know many people who are dying of thirst while rushing by these life giving sources. And the people in church are mostly not the exception. But the question remains: What inspires & motivates YOU? I’ll give you some of my top 5 motivators:

  1. SEPARATION. Psalm 1,1 gives me this advice: „How well God must like you— you don’t hang out at Sin Saloon, you don’t slink along Dead-End Road, you don’t go to Smart-Mouth College.“ (MSG) There are some very destructive forces and people out there in the world and sin is one of them. Sin and sin-addicts are like vampires, when you fall in love with them, they will suck out the life out of you. If you want to stay inspired & motivated, you have to choose wisely the right people and influencers in your life, don’t leave it to a chance.
  2. MEDITATION. The Word of God is power, wisdom, life – pure energy from the eternity.  Psalm 1 goes on: „Instead you thrill to God’s Word, you chew on Scripture day and night. You’re a tree replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month, Never dropping a leaf, always in blossom.“ This is nutrition for my spirit, here are the vitamins for my soul, look what makes your whole being flourish. If you want to stay inspired & motivated, you have to choose wisely the right council for your heart.
  3. READING. Reading opens a new world to me. Reading is enlarging my mind, heart, spirit and soul. How somebody can inspire others when he is not constantly inspired by others? But reading is not limited to books. Read life, arts, people, nature, culture, food, your spouse & kids. And with reading I mean: dive in, enjoy, listen, taste, think, travel, go, love. If you want to stay inspired & motivated, you have to choose wisely the right food for your brain & soul.
  4. LISTENING. You’ll become what you are listening to. I have my top lists of teachers, leaders, preachers, poets, musicians and friends whom I really listening to. They are positive, solid, experienced, wise, true, wing-giving, enlarging, inspiring, broken, breathtaking, artistic, moving, loving. If you want to stay inspired & motivated, you have to choose wisely the right people whom you allow to speak, to sing, to wright into your life.
  5. WORKING. Work can be a very inspiring place. Consider God is often speaking to and calling his fellows in a hard working environment: Mose, Elisha, Peter, Paul… You and I are created to be creative – that’s Gods Image within us. To work, to invest all the gifs, to create, to plan, to reach goals, to dream, to co-work with others – all could be, with the right attitude and in the right place, inspiring, motivating, productive, satisfying… But you have to take the responsibility to position yourself in the proper environment, attitude, vision and team. If you want to stay inspired & motivated, you have to choose wisely the right occupation.

What inspires & motivates you?

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